Winemakers Tavern is a locally owned business located in Lawrencetown, Annapolis Valley. The company’s focus is on good food, good service and good beer. All made using the freshest ingredients as possible from local growers in the area.


The tavern will showcase Beavercreek Winery beers and wines, as well as a variety of other beverages including craft beers and craft ciders. The taproom is open to the public, and will serve tasting flights, as well as 16 ounce glasses of cider and beer. The tavern will also offer a bar menu.


The old corner store that is now the newly renovated Winemakers Tavern, ran for over sixty years and was once owned & operated by Carl Beals and family.


The Winemakers Tavern brand honors its sister company, Beavercreek Winery, Through the logo, the names of the signature beers and wines and the paraphernalia found around the tavern, Winemakers Tavern acknowledges the original use of the building and what made Lawrencetown a unique crossroads of the valley, making it a historic intersection for travelers heading up and down the Annapolis Valley as well as the South Shore.


Leslie & Paulette Wade

Owners of Winemakers Tavern

Paulette and Leslie both have backgrounds with the Canadian Armed Forces. Both since retired from their military careers and have now ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. Owners of Beavercreek Winery, which over the past 12 years has flourished into a very successful business. Parents of 4 wonderful children and 1 beautiful granddaughter. Paulette is originally from the south coast of Newfoundland and Leslie is from Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia. 

Margie Ossinger

General Manager 

Margie brings with her over 30 years of restaurant experience and as a keen eye for detail. She is a valley girl and has managed everything from a Gas Station to Municipal Facilities. She strives on making everything run smoothly and efficient. She will be overseeing all operations pertaining to Winemakers Tavern. 

John Langford

Head Chef/Kitchen Manager 

John is originally from Ontario but spent most of his life in West Nova Scotia. John has been cooking most of his life but made it official year 2001 when he graduated from Culinary Arts in Yarmouth NS. John has built up a wealth of knowledge from cooking fast foods, super chains, hotels, and mom & pop restaurants to your local pubs and taverns which leaves nothing to be left out. By far he says this is the most unique and exciting opportunity that he has ever had and he hopes everyone feels the same way because Winemakers Tavern has a way of making you want to come back for so my advice is to listen to your gut feeling and come back for more………. As the head chef, John will be focused on developing the business with a long range view, finding products and suppliers and assisting wherever needed and of course producing good quality food. 



The old corner store that is now the newly renovated Winemakers Tavern, ran for over sixty years and was once owned & operated by Carl Beals and family.

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